Automation just got personal

TIBCO Simplr® lets you innovate on the fly to get your job done faster and more accurately—your own way.

Collect, manage, and move data by connecting the people and cloud apps you rely on every day—and do it yourself.
Whether you’re reporting on marketing campaigns, surveying employees, planning a sales trip, or just trying to improve your productivity, TIBCO Simplr® can help you and everyone in your organization work smarter and more independently.

It’s easy!

  • Create a flow to get your apps talking to each other, or use a template.
  • Add a form if you want to get data from people.
  • Your flow runs, data moves, apps hum, and your work gets done.

Put your task on auto-pilot today! Work faster and smarter.

Create and publish forms in minutes

Need to collect information fast from people inside or outside of your company? Simplr uniquely has a robust forms creator built right in, so you can create and publish forms and surveys online in minutes. Just add your forms to any of your flows to send it out and track answers in whatever apps you like.

Connect your cloud apps

Simplr connectors let you gather information from your cloud apps like Salesforce®, Google Apps™ , Marketo®, Twitter®, JIRA®, Workday®, Dropbox®, Evernote® and many more. And you can access ALL of your data, past, present, and future, instead of just the new stuff. Explore connectors here.

Automate your tasks with flows

Easy-to-create flows move data from app to app. Start with a template or create your own. Data transformations available in each flow improve data quality. With Simplr you can perform more actions with important connectors, and even plug analytics into your flows with TIBCO Spotfire®.

See it in action

Watch and learn how Simplr can help you:   

  • Save time   
  • Make fewer mistakes    
  • Do more interesting things   
  • Impress your coworkers

...all without help from IT.

Join the TIBCO Simplr® Community

Share flows, ask questions, compare notes, and learn! The community is a wealth of resources for Personal Automation™ .

Tell us what you think

Don't hold back. We'd love to hear your ideas on connectors and how we can improve.

Choose your flow triggers

Flows are triggered to start on-demand, by a timer you set, or in real-time kicked off by an event like a form submission.

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Maximum projects

  • TIBCO Simplr® Forms
  • On-demand trigger
  • Community



Maximum projects

  • TIBCO Simplr® Forms
  • Support for attachments
  • On demand trigger
  • Timer trigger
  • Event trigger (real time)
  • Community



Maximum projects

  • All Pro features
  • and more

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