Routine work takes time, and lots of routine work can take over your life. That’s where TIBCO Simplr comes in.

TIBCO Simplr links your cloud apps and automates tasks so you can get your job done faster and more accurately. Whether you’re planning a sales trip, reporting on marketing campaigns, surveying employees, or just trying to improve your productivity, Simplr can help you and everyone in your organization.

Collect, manage and move information from cloud services, or from humans with our easy to build forms. Work smarter - independent of help from IT.

Automation just got personal

Personal automation means getting your routine jobs done your way, automatically, using the cloud apps you rely on every day. TIBCO Simplr makes it happen - just connect, automate, and go.

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How it works

  1. Create a flow to get your cloud apps talking to each other.
  2. Add a form if you want to gather data from humans.
  3. TIBCO Simplr does its magic! Your flow runs, your data moves, your apps hum, and your work gets done.
  4. Ask for a raise (you deserve it, right?)
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TIBCO Simplr Beta

Roll up your sleeves and give TIBCO Simplr a try. Create your own flows and forms, or start with ours. See how TIBCO Simplr can take over routine tasks and free you to do more of what you want.

To get going, just register for a TIBCO account and sign in.

And don’t forget to let us know what other cloud apps you’d like us to connect to. We’re just getting started, and more connectors are coming. We look forward to your feedback!

Why We’re Different

  • Perform more actions - Simplr gives you more options with important connectors
  • Access all of your data, past, present and future - Instead of just the new stuff
  • Gather that data - The only tool of its kind that lets you create forms on the spot

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